Building B2B SaaS start-ups with a monkeytude!

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Start with an MVP

We are committed. Since the day you walk inside the Monkeybase until the day of the business exit. We build our carefully selected start-ups together with great entrepreneurs, following a strong lean start-up mentality and agile development methodology. We utilize the best SaaS tools, technologies, metrics, sales tricks and practices across our ventures. 

Avoid the pitfalls

Battle-proven development. We've taken more than a dozen B2B start-ups to market as entrepreneurs, co-founders and consultants. Each case is different so you always learn something new. However, each start-up's path also contains common pitfalls which could and should be avoided. Drive is invaluable but only in balance with experience and wisdom. Please don't be as dumb as we were!

Find the product-market fit

Our horizon is 5-10 years, not weeks! We believe in life-long friendships, partnerships and networks. Most start-ups don't fail because of lack of vision and ideas - they actually fail due to excess amount of ideas and contradictory visions. Frameworks, pivots, sprints are all great tools but disastrous when misused. It's difficult to cut through the noise but a long enough horizon and good friends will help.